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The Best of What's Not on PlayaGiró
The following are good sites that have more information relating to PlayaGiró's subject matter or that are a little farther off topic but interesting nonetheless.

While sparse now, the list of external resources is constantly expanding so check back often. If you would like to see a link posted, or have one to suggest, please let me know.

Star Cuba: Outdoor Graphics. "A collection of photographs taken during a trip to Cuba with a Solidarity Work Brigade. [The artist's] intention here is to show a Cuban use of public space as an arena for artistic and political expression."
Star Cuban Posters at the International Institute of Social History.
Star Cuban Poster Art, a personal project of Lincoln Cushing at the University of California, Berkeley.
Star Alberto Korda. A biography at the Roy Boyd Gallery.
Star Guerrillero Heroico. Alberto Korda's most famous shot. The picture of Che has come to symbolize revolution worldwide.

Star NocturnoWeb. The website of an acquaintance, this site is a great place to find information and commentary on latin music, with an emphasis on neuva trova.
Star The Progressive Music Archive. A site dedicated to all kinds of progressive music. They host "anarchistic punk, working class folk songs, communist rap, redskin ska, progressive rock... anything with an attitude." Hosted by the Communist Party of Denmark ML.

Other Resources
Star Bytes for All. "Computing and Internet for the Majority of the World."
Star Afro-Cuba Web. "Many people don't know that an estimated 70% of Cubans have African ancestors..."
Star Information on Salvador Allende from Google.
Star Museo de La Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Fundación Salvador Allende, and Centro Cultural Salvador Allende. Chilean institutions dedicated to carrying out the ideals of an Allendian Chile.
Star Information on Kwame Nkrumah from Google.
Star Kwame Nkrumah Information & Resource Site. "An authoritative information source on aspects of Kwame Nkrumah's life and works. It focuses primarily on his efforts to establish a Pan-African strategy and African centered outlook."
Star Information on Patrice Lumumba from Google.
Star Information on Maurice Bishop from Google.
Star Information on Michael Manley from Google.
Star Information on Michael Manley - A Personal Perspective. A presentation given by Norman Girvan at Wayne State University, April 17, 1998.

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» "Everything that divides men, everything that separates or herds men together in categories, is a sin against humanity."
» José Martí
"My Race"

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» Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
Central leader of Cuba's first independence war; on October 10, 1868, issued Grito de Yara [Cry of Yara], proclaiming Cuba's independence; killed by Spanish troops in ambush.