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These documents don't really fit in anywhere else, but they remain important or interesting in one way or another.

While sparse now, the library is constantly expanding so check back often. If you would like to see a document posted, or have one to contribute, please contact me.

Star Pedro Pérez-Sarduy: A Reaction. I wrote this response as a short assignment in early 1998 for HIST 236 Modern Latin American History (which was not "The History of Modern Latin America," the Honduran professor would insist) at Trinity College. The paper was a reaction to two presentations that acclaimed Afro-Cuban writer, author, and poet Pedro Pérez-Sarduy had made at the school during this particular day, once to a class on Cuban history, the other to a larger more general audience that night. The paper was intended to convey my thoughts on the latter presentation.
Star "¡Propaganda!" Text from an interview with Félix Beltrán on Cuban political and film posters. It is transcribed from a brochure I picked up at an American Institute of Graphic Arts exhibition in New York called ¡Propaganda! on May 16, 2001.

As an artist Beltrán was originally a leading supporter of the Revolution in Cuba, and did much to develop the poster as an artistic and political medium, but eventually left in 1979 after personal and professional friction with the government. The interview is somewhat critical of Cuba's treatment of artists in general, but also provides a balanced look at the larger circumstances of these conditions.

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» "Seamos realistas, pidamos lo imposible!"
» Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
[submitted by Jean-Charles Batsalle]

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» José Antonio Echevarriá
Elected president of Federation of University Students in 1954; central leader of Revolutionary Directorate; killed by government forces in events surrounding March 13, 1957, attack on Presidential Palace.