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Cuban Government Documents

Laws, Propaganda & Formerly Classified Materials
The following documents contain information from Cuba pertaining to its relations with the United States and other nations.

While sparse now, the library is constantly expanding so check back often. If you would like to see a document posted, or have one to contribute, please contact me.

An archive of documents by Assembly of People's Power President Ricardo Alarcón, Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez, and Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers Carlos Lage are available in Spanish at

Star 1976 Constitution with 1992 Reforms. This is currently only available in Spanish. I am actively looking for an English translation.
Star "The Most Extensive Dispute of the Contemporary Era." Written by Lázaro Barredo Medina and printed by the Publicity and Printing sections of the Support Services Department of the National Assembly of People's Power, April 1997. This document was picked up from a visit to an Assembly of People's Power meeting in the suburbs west of Havana in June of 1998.

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» "There is no other definition of socialism for us than that of the abolition of the exploitation of man by man."
» Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
[submitted by Gustavo Alfonzo]

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» Fulgencio Batista
Army sergeant who seized control of Cuban goverment in 1934; left office, 1944; on March 10, 1952, led coup overthrowing government of Carlos Prío; fled Cuba on January 1, 1959.