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Materials for the Study and Understanding of the Isla Grande
The first three categories below are documents and images available only at PlayaGiró, as they are materials collected or written by the site author. In the last category are local reprints of important documents pertaining to Cuba.

Star Images of Cuba. Here you'll find pictures, postcards, and stamps that I took or collected while studying in Cuba in 1998.

Star Sounds in MP3 format. These are the same mp3s you'll find under the "Sounds" link in the horizontal menu above.

Star My Thesis on the Failure of Socialist Development in Cuba and Mozambique. The culmination of one of my majors, this 47-pager puts forth the hypothesis that "...the socialist system as applied [in Cuba and Mozambique] was not riven with inherent flaws and thus an inappropriate model, but that external factors are to be considered far more accountable for the current unfavorable economic and political conditions in these two countries."
Star My final paper for HIST 379 in the spring of 1998, this research paper discusses Cuban Internationalism in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1975-1991.
Star In between the two projects listed above, I wrote a paper in Cuba entitled "Cuban Opinions on Internationalism in Africa." It's more or less a journalistic survey based on interviews with a variety of Cubans in the Havana area on aspects of the intervention in Angola. Among others, questions include "Was it truly voluntary to serve, as the government maintains?" and "What is your estimate of the casualties of the 16 year operation?" since this information is still jealously guarded by the Castro administration.
Star A Comparison of Che and Daoism/Taoism founder Lao-Zi. A short paper noting the similarities in their personal lives and their political beliefs. Written for "Religions of Asia," December 1997.
Star A Review of Aline Helg's Our Rightful Share: The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality 1886-1912. Also written for HIST 379 "The Cuban Revolution: Historical Origins," this paper outlines a period of tumultuous race relations in turn of the century Cuba.
Star "The Embargo of Cuba, A Contemporary Debate Bilaterally Undergirded by Selected Ideas from Western Political Philosophers." A short paper pointing out how both the United States and Cuba selectively draw justification for their actions from many of the same political theorists.
Star Pedro Pérez-Sarduy: A Reaction. I wrote this response as a short assignment in early 1998 for HIST 236 Modern Latin American History (which was not "The History of Modern Latin America," the Honduran professor would insist) at Trinity College. The paper was a reaction to two presentations that acclaimed Afro-Cuban writer, author, and poet Pedro Pérez-Sarduy had made at the school during this particular day, once to a class on Cuban history, the other to a larger more general audience that night. The paper was intended to convey my thoughts on the latter presentation.

Star Speeches, Articles & Philosophical Discussion by Fidel Castro Ruz. The following documents present the theories and principles embraced and promulgated by Fidel Castro. They are also powerful commentary on world events of the time and often serve as counterpoints to the accepted paradigms of the West.
Star Speeches, Articles & Philosophical Discussion by Ernesto 'Che' Guevara de la Serna. The following documents present the theories embraced and promulgated by Commander Guevara. They also serve as a recording of his insights into the rapidly decolonizing world of the time.
Star Cuban Government Documents. The following documents contain information from Cuba pertaining to its relations with the United States and other nations.
Star United States Government Documents. The following documents contain information from the United States pertaining to its relations with Cuba, both before and after the Revolution.
Star South African Government Documents. The following documents contain information from South African pertaining to its relations with Cuba, as well as other policies that led to the Cuban intervention in sub-Saharan Africa. In time I hope to gather many of the imporant passages of the immense Truth & Reconciliation Report.
Star Miscellaneous Documents & Papers. These documents don't really fit in anywhere else, but they remain important or interesting in one way or another.

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» "Those who once enslaved man and sent him to the Americas perhaps never imagined that one of those peoples who received the slaves would one day send their fighters to struggle for freedom in Africa."
» Fidel Castro

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» Raúl Castro
(1931- )
Participant in Moncada attack and imprisoned subsequently; Granma expeditionary; commander of Rebel Army's Second Front of Oriente; minister of Revolutionary Armed Forces, 1959-present; Vice-Premier, 1959-76; in 1976 became first Vice-President of Council of State and Council of Ministers; second secretary of Communist Party since 1965; brother of Fidel Castro.